The Balanced Life

Rebecca Tucker, LCSW


I decided as a means of getting started on this blog that I would reference what Webster’s has to say about Balance. What I found was quite an extensive definition.  However, the word that stood out for me was Harmony.  Balance should bring harmony to our lives.  Each blog will discuss ideas for bringing the various areas of our lives–body, mind, and soul– into balance or harmony.  I look forward to your comments and thoughts on each topic.  Together lets work towards a balance that brings harmony to our life!
What do you do to nurture your soul?
To begin I was thinking about what nurtures my soul–I love to start my mornings outside listening to the farming community and nature coming to life.  This time in the quiet, with a good book and the sounds of nature gives me strength for the day.  When I do not plan it into my schedule my day is less harmonious because the things that nurture my soul have been neglected.