The Balanced Life

Rebecca Tucker, LCSW


Have you ever dug into a new project with gusto eager to achieve the goal at hand? It was easy to focus on the project because it was something you really wanted and enjoyed doing. This is how it is for me and my garden–I can hardly wait to put together the flower arrangement or hanging baskets or put in a new plant. In fact, as I write about it I can think of a number of projects I’d like to dig into now.

This is how it was for Jesus once committed to our salvation. He plummeted to this planet taking on human flesh with eager anticipation of the restoration and reconciliation that would be the end result between him and His lost children. This is Ty Gibson’s poetic expression of this event:

The butterfly entered the cocoon and
Emerged a lowly caterpillar
Never to fly again!
So backwards
So radically, beautifully backwards!*

In my last blog I spoke of research that tells how what we believe about God can heal or harm our brains. This is true of what we believe about: 1) who He is; 2) how He sees us, and 3) how He wants us to see ourselves and others.

So what about it? Do you see Him as love itself, or do some of your beliefs about who He is challenge that? Do you see him as eager to reconcile with you? Do you see yourself as someone with whom He is delighted? What beliefs, or ideas challenge you most? If the God you serve is not assisting you in becoming whole and balanced your beliefs may not be serving you well.

“History is crowded with men who would be God, but only one God who would be man.”
John MacArthur

An Endless Falling In Love, Ty Gibson*

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